Custom Single Tenant List Request

We will send you a Custom list of Net Lease Properties based on your acquisition criteria provided below:

Custom Single Tenant List Type (New & Proprietary - not available anywhere else.)

Investment-Grade Tenants Only.
Absolute Triple Net (NNN) Leases Only.
Investment-Grade Tenants Only and only with Absolute Triple Net (NNN) Leases.
Corporate Guarantee Only and only with Absolute Triple Net (NNN) Leases.
All Corporate Guarantee Leases.
Leasehold Interest Only (100% Depreciation; May qualify for 1031 Exchange).
Zero Cash Flow Only.
2 to 4 Tenants Only (non-Single Tenant).
All Fee-Simple Single Tenant Properties (includes ALL single tenant properties. NN, NNN, Below Investment-Grade, Private Companies, Personal Guarantees, non-Corporate Guarantees, Franchisee Guarantees, etc. Excludes Ground Lease Properties and Zero Cash Flow Properties)


Principal Buyer
Other - Explain in Comments below

Yes & participating in commissions
Yes - no participation requirement


Name. (eg.:Harry Smith)

1031 Exchange
1033 Exchange