Bond Leases and links to other Bond Leases

Bond Leases
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Bond Leases

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Bond Leases and links to other Bond Leases

Bond Leases and links to other Bond Leases

North Carolina
Bond Leases Property #pnnns 17:21:55

Bond Leases Tenant:     CVS Pharmacy

Credit Rating:       S&P "A"

State Located:       North Carolina

Lease Term:       22-Year Primary Lease term.

Lease Type:       NNN - ABSOLUTE TRIPLE NET with NO Landlord responsibilities to the buyer. Tenant is responsible for ALL expenses, including property taxes, maintenance, repairs, all insurance, roof and structure, and all other costs.

Rent Commencement Date:       October, 2001

Price:       $2,478,313. Only $265,534
in cash is required to purchase this property!

Financing Obligations:
Loan is Non-Recourse.
Current Loan Balance:    $2,212,779 (est.)
Annual Cash Flow:    $0

Remarks:      Can be purchased all cash (subject to refinancing) or as premium over the . This is a "Bond-Net" lease. CVS Operates over 4,100 stores in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic portions of the U.S. For the year ending December 2000, CVS reported sales of $20.1 billion. CVS is publically traded on the NYSE (CVS) and has an S&P rating of "A". With the recent acquistion of Revco and Arbor Drugs, CVS is the #2 drugstore chain in the U.S. in total sales and #1 in store count and prescriptions filled.

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Bond Leases and links to other Bond Leases

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Bond Leases and links to other Bond Leases

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