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Golf Course Properties


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Golf Course Properties


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Golf Course Properties


Name of Golf Course    Holes     USGA Rating 
Address, Zip    Zip 
City, County City     County 
State               Part of the State
Type & Ownership      
Club House Size The Club House is    Square Feet
Operating Income & Expenses
2001 200220032004 YTD
Gross Income
Less Expenses
Net Operating Income
Land Acrage, Tenure  Acres          Fee or Leased Land? 
Asking Price, Appraisal Price      Appraised for  on 
Total Yards, Par  Yard, Par   Golf Course
Grass Type What is the grass type on the Greens? 
Grass type on the Fairways? 
Character of Operations The course is         # of Members 
Annual Rounds Played
Year Members Daily FeeGuestComplimentaryTotal
YTD 2004
Parking Lot There are   parking stalls
Cart Paths Cart Paths are      and are   feet wide
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Golf Course Properties

Ameneties & Highlights. Check if applies to your property
 Resort Community
 Mountain Setting
 Home Sites
 Driving Range
 Putting Green
 Time Share Sites
 Trading Post
 Pro Shop
 Snack Bar
 Tennis Courts
 Swimming Pool
 Boat Ramp
 Recreation Area
 Hotel Sites
 Condo Sites
 Rolling Hills
 Stocked Ponds
 Ocean Frontage
 River Frontage
 Lake Frontage
 Underground Utilities
 Putt-Putt Golf
 Go-Kart Track
 Maintenance Buildings
 Cart Storage Building
 Host of Major Tournament
 Banquet Facility

Remarks & Comments
Commission Paid Seller is paying a brokerage commission of   of Sales Price

Golf Course Properties

Please prepare a package containing the following items that golf course investors require for a complete golf course acquistion analysis. You may want to copy this list, paste it in your word processor, then use that file as your package model.

   (1) Copy of fee structures for daily fee and semiprivate club

   (2) Copy of documentation setting out structure of private club, if applicable

   (3) Breakdown of number and types of memberships where applicable (1.e. corporate, family, individual, etc. or full, social, tennis clubhouse)

   (4) Copy of course score card

   (5) Course rating & slope rating

   (6) Pictures of course, clubhouse and other improvements, if possible. Aerial of golf course and surrounding area, if available

   (7) Any specific feature or unique qualities of the course. Any tournaments of note at the course.

   (8) Specific description of all building improvements, including clubhouse, pro shop, restaurant, maintenance facility, cart barn, etc.

   (9) Specific description of any other amenities such as tennis facilities, swimming facilities, banquet facilities, etc.

   (10) Date course and improvements were built. Do building plans exist?

   (11) List of any known or suspected hazardous conditions on property including asbestos

   (12) List of equipment to be included in sale with disclosure of details of any indebtedness on equipment

   (13) List of equipment leased and terms of lease

   (14) Length of golf season at specific location

   (15) Map of course location in city or area located

   (16) When available, demographic information on 5, 10, and 20-mile radius of course

   (17) General list of other golf courses within 1- miles and nature of club (daily fee, semiprivate or private) and fee structure

   (18) If course in any type of large real estate development, specific description of same and marketing brochures for development. Include price of homes in area.

   (19) Name of course architect and contractor

   (20) Itemized Income and Expense Statements for current year-to-date and prior three years

   (21) Identification of any known factors that might materially affect income and expense statistics in the future (i.e. new courses opening, new roads or access to course, new major employers coming to area, future lot or home sales surrounding course, etc.)

   (22) Source of water for golf course irrigation including details on water availability, water rights water right leases, and type and condition of irrigation systems.

   (23) If golf course or pro shop operation subject to any lease or management agreements, the details of same

   (24) Type and extent of cart paths

   (25) Description of types of grasses on entire golf course and facts regarding any overseeding

   (26) Description of driving range facility, if any.

   (27) Appraisal if available

   (28) Employment contracts, if applicable


Golf Course Properties

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Golf Course Properties

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Golf Course Properties

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