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APT33478 The seller does have motivation to sell - all offers are encouraged. 260 Garden-Style Units. Newly constructed within the last 5 years. Located in a major MSA of Arkansas. Located in a "A" Location. Located in a high income. low crime area. The first value-add component lies in the fact that this property is currently mismanaged by an inexperienced manager. The second value-add component lies in boosting occupancy. The current occupancy is 82%. The short story here is that this past couple years and present year is based off an average low-80s occupancy percentage. Everyone else in the area is 90%+. If someone can get their arms around the management, and gets this to 90%, they are likely up another $250K NOI. The third value-add component lies in renovations. The current NOI is $1,545,601. The potential gross income at 100% occupied would be +/-$3.1M. That is if there are no renovations made. If someone were to put $7K-$8K into each unit, that 100% occupied number would likely be +/-$3.4M. At market occupancy (to be conservative lets just use 90%), NOI is +/-$1,850,000 (5.7% CAP at ask price). 35 years remaining on an assumable note at 4.25% fixed Interest Rate and no prepay penalty (this may be the best selling point because at that rate, interest rates have spiked approx. 1.25% since making this loan worth about $2.9M today. In short, if a buyer were to get this financed on the same amortization for the same amount of debt to hit the same cash flow, they would have to pay $2.9M more for the property. There is approx. $20M in debt remaining on the loan. Great demographics / high incomes. Great Market. Strong retail and population growth trends. This property is in great shape and looks brand new. This property is clearly being sold at below replacement cost. There is a 250,000 SF headquarters under construction about 1/2 a mile from this property that will bring 900 jobs. This will have an immediate and positive effect on occupancy. - Arkansas $32,500,000 4.76% 0
APT33726 Phoenix Multifamily Portfolio For Sale. 7-Property Portfolio. All pricing is based on income at a 4.75% cap rate. Financials will be provided if there is genuine interest from buyers proving their capability to purchase. All properties have recently undergone full gut rehabs. The owner have put about $40,000 into each unit and replace all major structures (HVAC, ventilation, roof, plumbing, electrical, windows, etc.). For all of these properties, the owner is receiveing top of the market rents and have almost no vacancy or rent delinquency. The owner also has an internal management company that manages their properties. If of interest to a buyer, this management company can stay on after the sale. Built in 1972 - 104 units, fully leased. $16,226,326. Built in 1973 - 45 units, fully leased. $6,946,379. Built in 1973 - 34 units, fully leased. $7,695,305. Built in 1964 - 13 units, fully leased. $4,364,642. Built in 1956 - 28 units, fully leased. $6,693,479. Built in 1973 - 30 units, just finishing construction. $5,268,218. Built in 1948 - 3 units, fully leased. $675,000 - Arizona $47,869,349 4.75% 0
APT28505 EXCELLENT RENTAL LOCATION. A VALUE ADDED OPPORTUNITY. 2016 Actual NOI: $75,503 (0.82% Cap). Proforma NOI: $528,704 (5.75% Cap). This is a 10+ year hold. Built in 1975. Central California Value-Add Multifamily. 145 unit community, located in a neighborhood which serves as the transitional neighborhood from the Central business district to the upper North east area of this city. The main influence in this neighborhood is a Hospital Campus which is owned by a major Healthcare Company. This sprawling campus is one block to the East and employs over 1,000 staff members. In addition, a call center, which employees over 300 employees, is also located one block from the subject. One of the most exciting things in the neighborhood is the complete rehab an of the adjacent 165 unit builiding to the north of the subject property. This property will become one of the industry leaders in the neighborhood by becoming the rent leader. As this transformation takes place, it will provide a great opportunity for the subject property and other adjacent buildings to increas both their rents and the quality of the residents. According to the 2016 3rd Quarter City Multifamily rent survey, it appears that the subject property has $45 upside in the 2 bedrooms, $20 upside in the 1 bedrooms, and $15 in the lofts. The upside will complement the studios which are poised to be the benchmark rent in the area. The units are arranged within nine residential buildings. There is a leasing office at the front of the property. The property has signage, close to schools, doctor's offices, a Small children's center and a hospital - California $9,200,000 1.00% 117
APT28826 San Francisco Luxury Condos For Sale. This is an Off-Market, Confidential, Controlled and Deliverable Property. Qualified buyers to provide their BIO, list of similar properties owned and proof of ability to purchase at this level prior to the release of any further information. New Construction. Each unit has private garages with private entrances. Owner will consider a reduction of price for a bulk purchase. A very very attractive deal can be made. Construction is on-going. A large amount of units can be delivered over the next 5+ years. Current Pricing is as follows: 1 Bedroom / 1 Bathroom ($600K to $800K). 2 Bedroom / 2 Bathroom ($820K to $875). 3 Bedroom / Bathroom (950K to $1.3M). The $24M shown here represents the first block of 43 units that are currently available. - California $24,000,000 5.60% 0
APT33280 Los Angeles 4-Plex For Sale - California $1,450,000 6.00% 377
APT33283 Southern California Hotel For Sale. Flagged By Hilton. Excellent Location. 300+ Units. Full Service Hotel. 2017 Projected Cap Rate is 6.70% - California $109,000,000 6.70% 0
APT33301 Los Angeles Class C Value-Add Multifamily For Sale. Class C in a C+ location. 100% OCCUPIED. OPPORTUNITY TO ACQUIRE A STABILIZED ASSET. UPSIDE IN RENTAL GROWTH. HISTORIC HIGH OCCUPANCY. OVER 50% TWO & THREE BEDROOM. PROPERTY IS WOOD FRAME STUCCO CONSTRUCTION. SEPARATELY METERED FOR GAS AND ELECTRIC. MOST OF THE ROOF REDONE IN 2016 AND SOLAR PANELS INSTALLED IN 2017. $150,000,000 DEVELOPMENT DOWN THE STREET. LOW SUBMARKET VACANCY RATE OF 2.8% PER REIS. Current (Annualized) NOI is $805,889 (4.71). Market NOI is $1,048,659 (6.13). Off-Market and Confidential Offering. This Garden Low-Rise apartment represents a value-added investment with great upside in rents, location, and future high value. The location provides access to the I-5, I-405, and another major State Highway. Built in the mid 1960's and partially renovated in 2016. The owner is doing more (mandatory) retrofitting improvements at the moment, which will be highly beneficial for the new buyer as it costs anywhere between $100k- $150k. This size multifamily is very hard to hit the market. Very rare in LA market to find 4.46% current cap. The area is among the highly densely populated area in LA, many jobs around, very easily accessible to major Freeways which adds a lot of value considering the crazy LA Traffic. This a Low Rise Multifamily Property. There are 80+ Units. Flat Roof. Unit Mix: under 10 ... 0+1. 30ish ... 1+1. 15ish ... 2+1. mid 20s ... 2+2. under 10 ... 3+2.5. NOI based on last 12 months operating income and expenses: $770,000. Cap Rate: Current 4.46% at asking price. Located in a Major Los Angeles County area - among the highest densities for the city of LA. Currently 100% occupied. Historic high occupancy for this property. Year Built / Refurbished 1964. Replaced the entire roof last year and installed solar panels early this year. Value-add available by upgrading the class of the building and getting higher rents after that. - California $17,100,000 4.71% 0
APT33320 San Diego Oceanfront Multifamily For Sale. Ocean Beach California (San Diego) Oceanfront! Great established rentals. 4 Units - California $3,250,000 4.25% 1477
APT33341 Northern California Multifamily Portfolio For Sale. Once In A Lifetime California Multifamily Opportunity. Total of ~525 Units Offered In This Portfilio. This is an off-market, confidential, controlled and deliverable property. A Solid $200 Million Purchase Price Buys This Portfolio. The Seller is FIRM on this sale. A recent offer of $193M was quickly turned down (buyer could not show proof of funds). This sale represents the largest avaiable purchase of multifamily units recently affected by heavy rains. Approx. 3,200 properties were misplaced/affected by the mud slides. Currently, there exists a dire need for upgraded Apartments in the area for a large pool of tenants. Fantastic opportunity to purchase a large multifamily portfolio, do minor repairs, and raise rents substantially. The 2.95% Cap Rate is a firm asking Cap Rate. All trailing income and expenses are in file.Ideal for an all cash buyer who can close all cash, then refinance after closing. This acquisition may not be an immediate cash flow Bonanza, however, looks to boom after minor improvements. Would have to be not immediate big cash flow. These are all market rent properties (not subject affordable, tax credit, rent control, etc.). This property is priced Net To Owner. Buyer is responsible for a 1.00% brokerage fee - California $200,000,000 2.95% 0
APT33348 Prime Southern California Senior Apartment Site. Available Right Now For a Short Window of Opportunity. Comes with preliminary approved for 300 a 55+ Senior Apartments (at least one person in the unit must be at least 55 years old). This is ridiculously priced at $6.00 sq. ft. 15 Acres+ in prime Southern California location. This would be a great investment for a quick flip, since the city wants these senior apts. Built ASAP, since there is a shortage of them in the area. Most of the site improvements are there already! Or, if wanting to develop them, existing connections to the city can help him the project done quickly (inquire). A new project like this would bring excellent ROI. We need an offer on this property within 1 in a week before the list it with a discount broker. Proforma on this project is immediately available - California $4,000,000 0.00% 0
APT33445 California Value-Add Multifamily Apartments. Located in Kern County, CA. Spacious Units. Beautiful Landscaping, Courtyards & Fountains. Potential Rent Upside. Covered & Uncovered Parking. Swimming Pool & Gym. Built in 1987. 44 1-BEDROOM / 1-BATHROOM UNITS. 44 2-BEDROOM / 1-BATHROOM UNITS. 24 2-BEDROOM / 2-BATHROOM UNITS. PROPERTY FINANCIALS: Gross Scheduled Income $1,174,440. OTHER INCOME $10,131. Less Vacancy $32,281. Gross Operating Income $1,152,290. Total Expenses $534,408. Net Operating Income $617,882. LESS CAP EX $48,888. NET INCOME BEFORE TAXES $568,994 - California $10,385,000 5.48% 0
APT33554 California Cash Flowing Duplex Rentals For Sale. 20 DUPLEXES / 40 UNITS. RENT RANGE: $1,350 - $1,550. 20 2-BED / 2-BATH UNITS. 20 3-BED / 2-BATH UNITS. • Pride of Ownership. • Duplex Buildings. • Attached 2-Car Garages. • Granite Countertops. • Stainless Steel Appliances. • Laundry Hookups. • Open Floorplan. • Near Schools, Shops and Highway Access. • High Demand Submarket. • Built in 2015. Gross Scheduled Income $ 674,400. Less Vacancy $ 20,232. Gross Operating Income $ 664,848. Total Expenses $ 237,827. Net Operating Income $ 427,021. CAP Rate@ sales price 5.50%. Gross Rent Multiplier (GRM) 11.51 - California $7,750,000 5.50% 0
APT33725 20 UNITS. RENT RANGE: $870 - $1000 (20) 2 - BED / 1.75 - BATH UNITS. Pride of Ownership. Large 2 bedrooms. Upper NE rental Location. Swimming poolv. Comp Shingle Roofs. Granite counters in most units. Carports. Laundry Room + Hookups. Ceramic tile floors. Approx. 20,730 SQ FT. Built in 1964. 2% citywide vacancy. An additional 52 units are available which makes a Portfolio of 72 units available. Great opportunity to acquire a rare portfolio on income-producing multifamily. The total price for the portfolio is $7,070,000. - California $2,060,000 5.26% 0
APT33363 New Haven Multifamily Property For Sale. 15 unit mixed use building in New Haven Connecticut. At $2M, the Cap Rate is about 6% with an upside potential remaining. There is no mortgage on the property. The owner will be doing a 1031 exchange - Connecticut $2,000,000 6.00% 0
APT33328 Located in an Income Tax Free State! Daytona Beach Apartments For Sale. Off Market & Confidential. Investment Value Add Opportunity. Daytona Beach, Florida. 10+ Units. 9% Cap. 2017 NOI is just shy of $128,000 with the owner living in one of the units. One Block from the Ocean. Hot new property. Move quickly if you have any interest. Priced right and this will move fast. Sale of Property includes Land and all 4 Apartment buildings. # of buildings: 4. Total # of units: 10 plus - Laundry Facility. # of Units per building: 4. Structure Type of each building: Concrete/Masonry. Building #1: 3,040 Living SF – 3,264 Total SF. Building #2: 3,240 Living SF – 3,392 Total SF. Building #3: 3,120 Living SF – 3,304 Total SF. Building #4: 3,120 Living SF – 3,304 Total SF. Style: 2 story Multifamily (All 4 buildings). Units have 3 Beds and 1 full Bath. Units have 2 Beds and 1 full Bath. Year built: 1949. AC: Central (All 4 buildings). Finished Utility Year Built: 1986 (120 Living SF & included in the total Living SF of Building #2). Lot Size: Over 1 Acre (48,400. Total SF) - Florida $1,350,000 0.00% 0
APT33408 South Florida Class A Multifamily For Sale. Class A Mid-Rise Building. Approx. 185 Units. 10+ Floors. Completed 2015. 97% occupancy. Sits on approx. 1.3 acres. Mixed-Use Urban Infill. Approx. 295 parking spaces - Florida $74,000,000 4.82% 0
APT33438 10/2/18 Update: there are two 2 LOI's in, one at $35MM, and one at $36MM, Both have been rejected by the seller. There is a third group who toured the property last week and they are finishing their underwriting, however we still do not have a LOI from them. Close to colleges and university. Located in the fastest growing city in the County. Good schools nearby. Off-market, approx. 325 unit multifamily property in Florida. The value-add lies in rents that have been below market for some time. This asset has been mismanaged and rents have room to push up. This property also comes with an additional ~27 acres of adjacent land that allows for additional units to be built. Built in 2009 to the highest standards by one of Florida's premier builders. 91% occupancy. Solid concrete block construction that exceeds building code requirements. Located in one of Florida's fastest growing cities, with residential developments, shopping, and land area to grow. Available is a mini-market report using a nearby comparable as the example at $198 per door higher for a 2/2 for 1121 SF, $1.11 per SF units and $189 per door on a 3/2 1358 $1.10 SF. The subject property has 2/2 is $1.07 per SF at 975 SF and a 3/2 $1.04 per SF is at 1250 SF. If a buyer were to update the kitchen counter tops and bathroom vanity only, the buyer could go up in rent for both and still be under what the comparable is asking for. If you increase the PPSF to $1.12 for a 3/2 you could get $1400 that is currently renting at $1305 and at just under 1.13 PPSF for the 2/2 the rent goes to $1100. That still puts you $148 below a 2/2 and $94 below on the 3/2 from the top of the market competition. Buyer responsible for a 1.00% buy-side commission. - Florida $38,000,000 6.45% 0
APT33456 Florida Bulk Condos For Sale. Located in a HOT Tampa, FL market! Full price LOI anticipated from another buyer shortly (not our buyer - hurry!) 149 units available. Priced firmly at $20,000,000 ($135,135 per unit). Total number of units on the property is 178. The owner controls the association and has right of first refusal on all remaining units and that right will transfer to new owner. 144 of the 149 have been completely remodeled at $30K budget per unit. Vintage is 1971. In an A-/B+ location. Upside in value. - Florida $20,000,000 0.00% 0
APT33522 Rare Southern Florida Class A Multifamily Opportunity. Class A Multifamily Asset. Opportunity for a buyer to lock this asset up today for a closing in 1st quarter of 2019 at Stabilization. At stabilization, this asset will open up to a large pool of buyers and sell quickly. Stabilization is estimated to take place within the first quarter of 2019. Approx. 450 Units. Currently ~82% leased up. Current T12 NOI is ~6.6mm. Stabilized T12 NOI is forecasted to be $7.5mm to $7.7mm. This asset is only being sold today at the forecasted stabilized NOI and will close when stabilization is reached. The Sale Price shall be at forecasted Stabilized Cap Rate of: 5.38% to 5.50%. The buyer will need to agree to these terms in order to avoid competition at a later date (as leases up further). Huge Bonus Opportunity to purchase a 2nd Class A (identical) Multifamily from this developer currently ~50% complete today. - Florida $140,000,000 5.50% 0
APT33680 Southern Florida Class A Multifamily Opportunity. Located in an Income Tax Free State! Off-market Multifamily buy and hold opportunity. New Construction — Mid-rise Luxury Development in Southern Florida. Class A Property. The developer is asking for $105 million with a projected NOI of $6.3 M (6.00% cap). The developer/owner cannot close until March of 2020, in order to avoid short term gains tax. The developer/owner will take $10 million now (provide a preferred return, so money is not stagnant), and total of about $20 million to close. There is a bank willing to provide the long term loan on this property ($84 million, 250 bps over LIBOR with a 1% origination fee payable to the bank). The lease up is happening right now with 45 leased (ahead of schedule), expecting full lease up close to end of 2019. 290+ Units, Parking Deck, Ground level Commercial / Retail. As a leasehold interest, this investment provides a 100% depreciation write off all improvements. This projects sits on land that has a 90-year ground lease, commenced in June of 2019, from Major Florida County with very reasonable terms and no bumps. Close to the Metro Rail, and Major Retail shopping. This property received its certificate of occupancy (CO) in June, 2019. 45 units have been leased and full stabilization is expected to happen close to the end of 2019. The developer/owner estimates that the property on will be stabilized by March of 2020. Purchase price will be based on a guaranteed NOI. If NOI is less, the purchase price decreases. $6.3 M is the estimated NOI. The developer/owner is willing to guarantee a negotiated NOI. Reason for selling? This is the developer's model. The developer further have another multifamily development they are about to start (1,000+ units) on a well-known River. Thus, they will need to have a buyer lined up to make the transition to the new development smooth. Tax Deductibility: Buyers will enjoy an added tax benefit of leasehold interest ownership - Buyers will be able to deduct the ground lease payments it makes on the underlying land or structure from its federal and state income taxes. Leasehold interest ownership can be of great benefit when used in the appropriate circumstances and under expert tax guidance. Buyers are encouraged to contact their tax advisors for details. - Florida $105,000,000 6.00% 0
APT33689 Palm Beach County Class A Multifamily. Unit mix of 1bd/1ba, 2bd/2ba. Currently 65% leased up. Closing shall take place in December, 2019 at 90% Stabilization. $8 million NOI (based on 90% occupancy). 4.7% cap rate. Buyer responsible for 2.00% commission - Florida $177,000,000 4.70% 0
APT33693 Miami Class A Bulk Condos. 117 units. This is not a value-add opportunity. Class A Condos in highly coveted area. For Sale Furnished or Unfurnished. Furnished $90MM. Unfurnished $85MM. 224 unit building. 20k sqft of Retail not included. Current occupancy number: 45. Asking price is based off new construction price per square foot and the sale can reverse engineer NOI through lease factors. Certificate of Occupancy was issued in April, 2019. Number of Units? 117 unsold units (224 total units in building). Price per square foot furnished? at $700/sq ft. Price per square foot unfurnished? at $650/sq ft blended. Operating cost? To be verified as owner been carrying operating cost until all units close and fund and HOA stabilized with monthly fees. There are currently 6 model units currently furnished. Unfurnished rental rate of @ $3.20. Furnished rental rate of $4.05. What is the retail contribution to the HOA in cost and percentage power? TBD. What is the current HOA cost per unit (or per square foot) – current HOA fee is $0.67/sq ft. Rental restrictions: 2x year with 6 month minimum - Florida $85,000,000 0.00% 0
APT33741 Florida Luxury Apartment Complex for Sale. New Luxury apartment complex located in one of the fastest growing and best cities of Broward county FL with over 380+ units. Currently 50 % occupied. Property is going to gross $9,574,032 – 3% estimated vacancy rate = $9,287,000. Total expense $2,182,439. NOI $7,104,561 - Florida $125,000,000 5.68% 0
APT16496 28-Unit Apartment located in a suburb of Macon, GA. Beautiful land, close to schools. There are also 47 storage rental units on property. Located in a quaint small town of about 5,400 population - Georgia $2,400,000 10.00% 78
APT28576 Mixed-Use Building. 10 1-Bedroom Apartments; 4 Newly Renovated. Fully Leased Commercial Space with Long Term Tenants. Recently Extended Lease for All Commercial Tenants. Newer Roof, Well Maintained Mechanicals. Impeccably maintained with a long list of recent capital improvements. This mixed-use building has fully occupied office/medical office and warehouse components, and offers 10, easily leased one-bedroom apartment units less than a block from a major transit line. Onsite parking for 13 cars provides a competitive advantage in the city rental market. Four residential units have recently been renovated with impressive rent escalations. All major commercial tenants are long-term occupants with recently signed lease extensions. This remarkably stable investment property offers purchasers the opportunity to add value by continuing apartment renovations as leases turn over. - Illinois $1,840,000 6.51% 116
APT33387 Owner Financing offered if closing takes by the end of this year (12/31/18). With 50% down, the owner will carry 50% for up to 6 months which is more than enough time to obtain conventional financing. Chicago Class A+ Multifamily Property For Sale. Currently 75% leased up. The value is only going up and will peak at stabilization (at around 97% occupancy).The owner will sell today at a firm price of $170M (4.40% cap rate). The owner currently as an all cash offer on the table from a REIT, however, its not at an acceptable number. This Developer Only Builds Top Of The Line Apartments. Reserved For Buyers Who Demand Only The Best. Reserved For An All Cash Buyer Condo Quality. 750,000 SF. 420 Units - Illinois $170,000,000 4.40% 0
APT33495 High 9.91% Cash on Cash Return stemming from strong NOI and a new Fannie Mae loan at 75% LTV, 4.50% interest rate, interest only. Brand new Class A Multifamily. 75% Leased Up. Approx. 2 months away from stabilization. Priced below replacement cost. Leasehold Interest offers 100% Depreciation to the owner. Qualifies For 1031 Exchange! - Illinois $110,500,000 8.91% 0
APT33362 Rare opportunity. Portfolio of approx. 40 Iowa Single Family Residential Homes. All homes are on long term leases. Class AAA+ Construction & Design. 100% Leased. These homes are brand new. These are all 3,500+ SF homes. These are all 2-5 bedroom homes. Located in a golf course community. Located in an area with the best school systems. 4-5 bedroom units. The quality of these homes is outstanding. Designer finishes. Located in a historically stable market. Cash flow is already in place - All homes are on 1 to 3 year leases. The owner is willing to sell the homes to qualified buyers and will structure the debt for these homes as well. For example:
Home value appraisal $335k
Down Payment $100k
Debt $235k
Rate 4% interest only for 5 year term
Cash on cash 10%
Available for a bulk sale of all 40 in one portfolio, or, as an alternative, the owner will agree to sell these in blocks of at least 5 units at a time ($337k x 5 = $1,685,000) with a buyer would needing $500k in equity to invest as a minimum. The home values vary but will sell at appraisal amount with leases in place. There is a potential to get more aggressive financing but the owner does not want to over-promise that up front until they see the credit of the buyer.
- Iowa $1,685,000 10.00% 0
APT13366 Kentucky Multifamily Property For Sale. Brand New! 71 Units. 100% Occupied. All Units Are 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath. All Units are 1,200 square feet. Small Upside: This is is a solid B-Class property in a solid B-Class Location. All Utilities are separately metered - all utilities are billed directly to the tenants. Bonus: This project has been built as a condominium complex. After 10 years, the investor can sell out as individual condos as a possible exit strategy. Currently occupied by mostly families who love the 3 bedrooms. The highest draw comes from the many Corporate employers in the area including a GM plant, Fruit of the Loom, and many more. There is also a University close by. - Kentucky $6,500,000 8.40% 0
APT33322 Louisiana Class A Multifamily For Sale. Off-Market Opportunity. Recently appraised at $40M Prior To Construction! ~300 units. Brand New Construction. Located in a major City. Rich, Type A Property. Currently ~65% leased up and rising rapidly! Now is the time to get in early! Estimated full absorption expected in about 5 months at which time this asset should be already sold. As a first step, the owner requires that any interested buyer must provide first sign a NDA (we will prepare) and provide BIO that will show the buyer's ability to close. Upon review and approval by the owner, additional due diligence information will be released. - Louisiana $38,000,000 6.00% 0
APT33360 Louisiana Class B Multifamily For Sale. 370 units. Class B. Just Remodeled in 2010. Maintains a history of remaining full. Prime cash flow buy. Located in a suburb of a major Louisiana City - Louisiana $30,000,000 6.75% 0
APT28506 24 one-bedroom units, 655 square feet. / Market rate $699. 22 two-bedroom units, 850 square feet. / Market rate $799. Steady increases to revenue through high renewal rate, increased market rates and tenant utility reimbursement programs. Property Improvements within the last 6 months. All new windows, extensive concrete repair, all common hallways renovated, gutters/drainage has been improved. Great location within the community, 100% occupancy, and major upside on property due to increasing market rates. Stabilized Net Operating Income (Pro-forma year 1): $192,925 - Michigan $2,300,000 8.34% 0
APT28507 Built in 1956. 24 Garden Style Apartments. 20 One Bedroom Units. 4 Two Bedroom Units. Added Value Opportunity: No Recent Rent Increases, Recently Implemented Water, Reimbursement Program. Separately Metered for Gas and Electric with Individual Furnaces. New Carpet and Paint in Hallways. Centrally Located in Macomb County - Michigan $1,100,000 9.06% 0
APT29059 46 Units Apartment Complex. There are 46 units comprising of 24 one-bedroom units, 655 square feet, and 22 two-bedroom units, 850 square feet. Steady increases to revenue through high renewal rate, increased market rates and tenant utility reimbursement programs. Property Improvements within the last 6 months includes: All new windows, extensive concrete repair, all common hallways renovated, gutters/drainage has been improved. Great location within the community, 100% occupancy, and major upside on property due to increasing market rates. - Michigan $2,300,000 3.88% 1528
APT29353 Saginaw Township Multifamily Apartments. 32 unit apartment and an 8 unit apartment. Both sit side by side in a very good area of Saginaw Township, Michigan. Expenses are low. The cash flow is good. Great for 1031 Exchanges. Great for investors looking for value add. The 32 units have garages. Great for investors looking to increase value over time. The owner is flexible and it's a great property. - Michigan $2,200,000 12.33% 0
APT33401 Michigan Value-Add Multifamily For Sale. Number of Units: 60. B+ condition in a B location. Current Occupancy: 1 vacancy as of 3/1/18 Rent Roll. Phase I was completed in years 1991 through 1994 - 36 units. Phase II was completed in year 2015 -24 units. Located on approximately 13 acres. All 2 bedroom and 1.5 to 2 bath units. Each apartment has a private entrance, private patio, covered parking, and individual laundry rooms with washer and dryer hook-ups. Beautiful landscaping and large open green spaces. There is an extremely low barrier to entry for the area and since there is limited competition in the area, the complex has historically been close to 100% occupied. The property is also very well maintained with no foreseeable capital improvements needed. It's clipping coupons for a new buyer with the upside of $50,000+ increase to the NOI simply by raising rates to market. At a 7.75% cap rate, it is nearly impossible to find stabilized apartment complexes with this type of return. The value add is raising the rents to market. The 20 ranch style condos can all be raised to $1,200, the Phase II townhomes to $1,100 (16 units) and the Phase I townhomes to $1,000 (24 units). This brings your potential gross income to $787,200/year. With a conservative vacancy factor for the year of 4%, a new buyer's effective gross income would be $755,712. With a management expense factor of 5.00%, this brings the current adjusted NOI to $463,881.20 for a 7 cap at $6,625,000 - Michigan $6,625,000 7.00% 0
APT18329 Missouri 45 house package with management in place. All but 2 are occupied and the rents are good. Easy stuff to own and the management is terrific. About 20 are section 8 with guaranteed rent - Missouri $1,900,000 0.00% 0
APT29015 27-Unit Apartment Building. A 27 unit recently remodeled historic apartment building. The property was constructed in 1929 and a complete renovation was done in 2015. The Property is a three-story apartment building. It contains 15,600 rentable square feet on .38 acres. The unit mix consists of all one bedroom, one bath at 600 square feet. Each unit has upgraded appliances, granite counter-tops, and Google Fiber. The average rent is $647. The Property has key card access and security cameras. The Property is single metered for water and separately metered for electric and gas with central HVAC. Each unit has an individual water heater and is heated by an individual furnace. Traditionally holds 95% occupancy or greater and consists mainly of grad students. Located between major shopping centers. Two miles away from two major universities. - Missouri $1,819,000 6.86% 3031
APT33250 This is an Off-Market, Confidential, Controlled and Deliverable Property. This is an opportunity to get in early with a favorable acquisition price upon completion. Successful developer has a Class A Multifamily site. The owner just closed their construction loan and they are in full go mode right now. Located in a Major MSA City. Approved for approx. 160 units. Anticipated purchase price will be around $18M (below market value). Get in early and lock this one up before it hits the market. The owner will need to get comfortable with the buyer after a CA is signed. - Missouri $18,000,000 0.00% 0
APT33352 Now at 100% occupancy! New Montana Multifamily Multifamily. Brand New 24-Plex. Completed June, 2018. Located in an area that has recently experience a 0% vacancy which supports the need and our contention that this is a great project at a great location. Excellent location close to the residential support areas such as fitness centers, grocery and gas stations, fairgrounds and right across the street from the Post Office. Also located adjacent to a major Hospital and another major employer. Location also provides very easy access to major roadways. Includes partial garages. Great location near downtown. Multiple potential property managers are on standby. Multiple potential lenders are on standby - Montana $3,800,000 6.00% 0
APT33644 Bozeman, MT Multifamily / Residential Portfolio. Consisting of 3 vacant lots zoned R1, one duplex and one 4-plex. Available only as a portfolio. - Montana $1,600,000 0.00% 0
APT33653 Montana Class A Multifamily. 60 Units. 3.9 Acres. 5 Apartment Buildings. Club House. Built in 2017 - Montana $12,800,000 5.80% 0
APT33347 Las Vegas Apartments For Sale. Price dropped from $10.9m to $9.5m for a quick close. Brand New Construction! ~50 Units. Recently appraised fro $14.8M. Now fully leased up. Fantastic permanent loan in place (inquire). Buy for all cash today then refinance later. Popular property and the only Multifamily of its type in the area. Located in a prime, high-growth area - Nevada $9,500,000 5.50% 0
APT33738 Las Vegas Multifamily Development Opportunities. Successful developer currently seeking a Joint Venture equity partner for 3 Las Vegas area multifamily projects. The developer is willing to relinquish 50% of equity in each project to the joint venture partner. Project 1: $18 million in equity plus points, fees and costs. Multi-Family Condos For Sale (79 Units) plus Retail / Mixed Use Multi-Family Condos (99 Units) (Live-Work Space w/ Storage Yard). Retail / Mixed Use Multi-Family Condos (99 Units) (Live-Work Space w/ Storage Yard) Mixed-use Development or often simply Live-work space is a type of urban development strategy for living spaces (housing) that blends residential, commercial, cultural, institutional, or entertainment uses, where those functions are physically and functionally integrated, and that provides pedestrian connections. Project 2: $16 million in equity plus points, fees and costs. Combination of 2 projects, a standard multi-family apartment community consisting of 52 buildings, housing 416 apartment units, made up of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom units. This portion of the project will be built to be held for the term of 10 years to take advantage of the full tax benefits of the Federal Opportunity Zone. Project 3: $5 million plus points, fees and costs. (3-5 Plex) Condos (38 Units) plus Retail / Mixed Use Multi-Family Condos (18 Units) (Live-Work Space). Retail / Mixed Use Multi-Family Condos (18 Units) (Live-Work Space) Mixed-use Development or often simply Live-work space is a type of urban development strategy for living spaces (housing) that blends residential, commercial, cultural, institutional, or entertainment uses, where those functions are physically and functionally integrated, and that provides pedestrian connections. - Nevada $5,000,000 0.00% 0
APT26511 Contemporary and brand new 4 unit property. All units are completely renovated with wood floors, modern fixtures and stainless steel appliances. Income producing with no maintenance and quality tenants. Nets $70,581.00 annually. Owner is licensed real estate broker Walking distance to South Orange Mountain train station and 5 minute drive to Seton Hall University - New Jersey $875,000 8.00% 0
APT33365 New Jersey Tax Abatement Multifamily For Sale. Class A project. Currently under construction (as of 4/5/18). Framing now. Approx. 212 units. All multifamily. Closing shall take place when the CO is issued. Estimated value at 90% leased up: $70.5M (based on a 5.00% cap rate). This property has a has 30 year tax abatement (30 year pilot, payment in lieu of taxes, the best you can get in NJ). Target tenants: Lots of commuters to NY, walking distance to train stations, lots of young professionals, empty nesters - New Jersey $65,000,000 0.00% 0
APT24376 Off-Market Manhattan Value Add. This is a Private, Confidential and Off-Market Offering. This property is quietly being offered and is not being widely marketed on commonly used large listing services. Neighborhood: Two Bridge downtown Manhattan. Lot dimensions: 79.83 ft x 79.58 ft. Building dimensions: 80 ft x 76 ft. Stories: 4. Residential units: 20. Commercial: units 1. Description: Great location close to all, four apts vacant and the retail space. - New York $14,000,000 0.00% 0
APT26752 Bronx Mixed Use. 100% Occupied 6 Story 2008 Beautifully Built Elevator Residential, Retail and Office Building with 7 Two Bedroom Apartments and 2 Commercial Units. Was Asking $3,000,000. Now $2,400,000 (20% Price Drop!). 12% ROE Including Depreciation Benefit. Gross Income: 167,988. NOI: 102,837. Cap Rate: 4.3%. GRM:14. ROI & ROE: 5% (Using preapproved financing as of 11/16/2016 rate). ROE: 11.4% with add backs & depreciation. Projected NOI: 175,056 (At Market Value Rents). Cap Rate: 7%. GRM:9.74. ROI & ROE: 11% to 14% (Using preapproved financing as of 11/16/2016 rate). ROE: 18% to 22% with add backs & depreciation - New York $2,400,000 4.30% 0
APT26751 4 building prime package Manhattan NYC. 66 Total units. 3.5% average Cap Rate. - New York $67,000,000 3.50% 2298
APT26746 Queens, NY Multifamily. One Block to the Atlantic Ocean, Beach and Boardwalk. Upside to Acheiving Market Rents After Renovation. Easy Access To Shopping and Dining. MTA Transportation- Q22 Bus, A & S Trains. New to the market. Asking Price: $1,100,000. Seller will let this go to the first buyer $800,000 cash -as is unconditional- subject to insured title free of financial liens quick closing. That's 27% discount off asking price! That's 4.45% cap rate with only 5 apartments rented now. 12.2% cap rate projected after rear building is rented up. FREE MARKET UNREGULATED RENTS. Brand New on the Market!! 14% PROJECTED ROI. 8.6% Cap Rate. 7.44 x GRM. Seller says rents are free market not registered with DHCR. At initial showing, a prospective buyer see the rear building that is vacant and the front building hallways. After an an acceptable offer, the seller will provide interior occupied apartment access but until then he does not want to disturb any occupants - New York $800,000 4.45% 0
APT30897 Brooklyn Upside Multifamily. 25,000 sf. Residential / Mixed Use. 32 residential apartment units, 2 commercial stores on the ground floor. Located in a very hot area. 100% occupied. All rents are currently below market (value-add). Located in a high demand area by the water. Buyer responsible for 2.00% commission - New York $15,000,000 0.00% 600
APT31398 Midtown New York Mixed Use Building For Sale. Beautiful mixed-use gem. Newly constructed. All steel and concrete building designed by a renowned architect. Completed in 2009 with it's floor to ceiling glass and limestone. Rare opportunity. Very impressive property! Located within Manhattan's most cosmopolitan and affluent corridor. Seven stories. Mint-condition. Trophy property. Turnkey for either all residential or mixed commercial/residential use. With numerous bedrooms, full baths, chef's kitchens, a dedicated floor for children and their nanny, as well as separate living quarters for guests, large terraces and grand entertaining spaces, it is truly a work of art. In addition, the unique versatility of the building's design allows it to seamlessly convert into three totally private spacious homes in order to accommodate a three-generational family. The massive sound insulated windows, along with soaring ceilings, skylights, balconies and terraces create a vast, quiet, natural-light-filled oasis, containing every luxury and modern convenience. Annual Taxes $162,000. Building can be delivered vacant by August 2017. - New York $20,000,000 4.00% 2000
APT33431 New York Affordable Multifamily Portfolio For Sale. Two brand new "Affordable Multifamily" properties in this portfolio. Consists of two properties priced at $210M $200M for a total of $410M which includes garages. Can also be purchased without the garages, priced at $195M and $175M ($370M total). These projects used tax exempt bond financing and tax credits. Prime Core Asset. Over 600 total units. Firm sale price will reflect a 4.25 % Net Yield to owner. Average price per unit is ~$580K. Price at 4.25% reflects ~95% occupancy. Current occupancy is ~90 % occupancy. The owner does not need to sell. They are happy to keep these properties and enjoy the cash flow but will sell at the prices shown herein. Firmly priced Net To Owner - Buyer is responsible for 2.00% brokerage fee - New York $410,000,000 4.00% 0
APT33501 Brooklyn Value-Add Multifamily Opportunity. Unlike other parts of the country, there is typically no "market cap rate" for value-add buildings in NYC. Investors for assets like this one will look at stabilized cap rates and how they can increase the rent roll. Only two of the units have been renovated. If an investor brings them all up to market and buys out the RS (preferential) tenants, the investor will be able to increase the NOI dramatically. Note: the projected figures shown here are based on keeping all of the RS tenants in except for the one that said she would take a buyout. Also the current cap rate doesn't take into account that there are 2 vacancies. 1 apartment and the retail which is the most valuable door. For $15k per unit, you can renovate and bring these units up to market. This is a great value add opportunity. This an an off-market, confidential offering. 4-Story, 8 unit mixed-use building with a full garage. 7 residential units, 1 retail store. Four story walk-up building with seven residential apartments; three of the units are renovated free market apartments and the other four units are rent stabilized representing a significant value add opportunity. In addition there is a vacant corner retail space and large garage / work studio. The property is an 8 minute walk from the a subway station and provides easy access to the F/G trains. This asset presents the prospective investor a unique investment opportunity in one of the fastest growing Brooklyn submarkets. Financials: Current Gross Revenue: $150,360. Projected Gross Revenue: $201,852. Current NOI: $72,650 (2.45% Cap Rate). Projected NOI: $180,543 (6.03%). Interesting questions and thank you for sharing your insights. Are you based in NYC or do you transact here? There is no "market cap rate" for value add buildings, as with all of your investors, mine look at stabilized cap rates and how they can increase the rent roll. Only two of the units have been renovated, if you bring them all up to market and buy out the RS (preferential) tenants you can increase the NOI dramatically. Keep in mind the projected is based on keeping all of the RS tenants in except for the one that said she would take a buyout. Also the current cap rate doesn't take into account that we have 2 vacancies, 1 apartment and the retail which is the most valuable door. For $15k per unit, you can renovate and bring these up to market. - New York $2,995,000 2.45% 525
APT33512 Just Reduced From $27,500,000 To $24,000,000 For Quick Sale! New York City High Rise Residential Apartment. Trophy Apartments / Condominium. Luxury service Concierge. Highest Quality. Class "A". 60+ Large, Luxury Residential Apartments. Also has 1 Unit consisting of 5 Credit Card/Coin-Operated Laundromat Washer & Dryer Rooms. Plus Lobby, Concierge Station, Public Restroom, Exercise Workout Gymnasium with state of the art machinery and weights and roof top green energy reducing deck with reclining sun tan deck chairs for tenants to lounge, socialize and barbeque. Ideal Case Cash on Cash Return on Equity to Self-Managed Completely Self-Family Run Buyer with Possible Bank Mortgage Financing & Add Backs Including Amortization Principal Mortgage Reduction: 8.45% Now Proforma. 19.42% Projected. Return On Equity Same as above after adding back depreciation tax benefits. 15.66% Now Proforma. 26.63% Projected. 173% Projected Condo Return on Investment. Projected Condominium Net Sellout Value Long Term: $47.8MM. Projected Condo Sellout Profit: $20MM. Home to New York professional athletes who have chosen these apartments as their home away from home during the sports season. Located close to a University. Also home to doctors, nurses, policemen, etc. Located 1 block from Manhattan. On site gymnasium. Indoor parking available. 2 blocks to subway. Walk to Metro and River. Close to beautiful Park. Brand New 2009 construction. 97% Occupied. 7 Story Luxury Doorman Elevator Brick Apartment. Building contains 50,788 Square Feet of Usable Residential Square Footage, including 16 Units with Additional 3,873 square feet Exterior Usable Terraces/Balconies Totaling 54,661 Usable Saleable Square Feet. Unit Mix Percentages: Studios 14%. 1 Bedrooms 29%. 2 Bedrooms 49%. 3 Bedrooms 6%. 1 Commercial Unit 2%. INCOME: ACTUAL NOW Proforma or Delivered By Seller At Closing: Gross Income: $1,800,817. Net Income: $1,315,350. Cap Rate: 4.78%. GRM: 15.27x. 5.86% True Cap Rate Return On Equity to All Cash Self Family Run Buyer Doing All Labor & Management Themselves. 8.74% Return on Equity Same as Above After Depreciation Tax Benefits. Long Term Future Projection 2024. Gross Income: $3,408,926. Net Income: $2,500,579. Cap Rate: 9.09%. GRM: 8.07x - New York $27,500,000 4.78% 503
APT33539 NYC Value-Add Trophy Mixed Use. Off Market, Confidential Offering. The firm asking price of $50M represents a 33% reduction from its original $75M price. Trophy 90,000 SF Mixed Use Residential, Medical Office, Retail and Underground Parking Complex. First to sign a final contract wins. Trophy, Class “A” High-Rise Complex with 3 elevators, luxury residential, medical offices, retail, an underground parking complex, concierge, impressive lobby and exercise gym. Multi-Billion Dollar Medical Center is the anchor tenant. 63 Residential Apartment Units. 8 Retail & Office leased medical offices. 5 Tenant's Credit card Operated Laundromat Rooms. Leased Interior 82 Car Interior Parking Garage, with valet parking room for over 100 cars. Value Add by increasing income by at least $962,125 to $3,900,000. 1) The last commercial lease to be signed was the strongest, billion-dollar tenant paying $79 PSF/Yr. If all the other commercial and retail tenants upon renewal or lease up pay the same $79 psf/yr. then the gross income will rise by $277,325/year on the remaining 17,608 square feet. 2) Rents should rise gradually each year as they have historically. If rents rise by only 3% a year residential rents could reach $2,423,000 for a total increase of $620,000 after 10 years. 3) 2nd floor gym could possibly be repurposed as office desk share space $450/open cubicle/month x up to 8 cubicles = $3,600/month $43,200/year maximum potential repurposed space. 4) If you buy the garage, the superintendent has an idea to install storage fenced in lockers at approximately $90/month x up to for example 20 = $1,800/month = $21,600/year potential value add space. 5) Real Estate taxes do not have to rise depending on how the NYC RPIE form is filed. 6) Top floor office that is not in C of O had previously been used by landlord which could be used as well. 7) Solar energy can be installed on the rooftop. - New York $50,000,000 0.00% 555
APT33542 New York Luxury Multifamily. Located in a very hot borough of NYC next to Manhattan. Located on the major commercial street. This is a large newer luxury rental building. Over 200 apartments units. Everything is modern and updated. Over 50 parking spaces (rare). The rent per parking space is $275 per month. Good revenue. Fitness room, laundry room. 100% occupied. Could be cooped if new owner wants. Building has a 421a tax abatement till 2029. Market rate rents which are slightly below market level, so there's upside room for increases. - New York $125,000,000 6.00% 0
APT33603 New York Approx. 95 key Marriott Fairfield Inn - New York $30,875,000 0.00% 0
APT33659 Multifamily Equity Available For Existing or Development Projects. Do you have any existing or development multifamily projects seeking preferred equity? We are working with a principle investor who has cash available for investment. Recipient of equity responsible for a 3.00% brokerage Funding Fee due at time of funding. ‘Soft’ Multifamily Preferred Equity / Mezzanine Debt. Terms as follows... Minimum Investment Amount: +$3.5 million. Investment Size: +7.5% of property value. Geographic Focus National (Conventional Apartments, Student Housing, Age-Restricted). Accrued Return: 10.5% to 12.0% total accrual rate. Minimum Distribution: N/A. Surplus Cash Flow: 8.0% initially, increases over term. Minimum DSCR Constraint: 1.05x (using fixed rate Senior Loan amortizing payment + 6.0% of Investment Amount). Maximum LTV Constraint: 90% (Senior Loan + this lender's loan). Investment Term: <12 years (typically co-terminus with Senior Loan maturity). Origination Fee: 2.0%. Minimum Return Multiple: 1.5x. Senior Loan Term: 5+ years. Senior Interest Rate Cap: 1.00x DSCR (using fixed rate Senior Loan amortizing payment + Minimum Distribution). Drag to Market: Following 2nd anniversary of the Investment. ‘Hard’ Multifamily Preferred Equity / Mezzanine Debt. Terms as follows... Minimum Investment Amount: +$3.5 million. Investment Size: +7.5% of property value. Geographic Focus National: (Conventional Apartments, Student Housing, Age-Restricted). Accrued Return: 10.5% to 12.0% total accrual rate. Minimum Distribution: 6.0% required distribution. Surplus Cash Flow: 8.0% initially, increases over term. Minimum DSCR Constraint: 1.05x (using fixed rate Senior Loan amortizing payment + Minimum Distribution). Maximum LTV Constraint: 90% (Senior Loan + this lender's loan). Investment Term: <12 years (typically co-terminus with Senior Loan maturity). Origination Fee: 2.0%. Minimum Return Multiple: 1.5x. Senior Loan Term: 5+ years. Senior Interest Rate Cap: 1.00x DSCR (using fixed rate Senior Loan amortizing payment + Minimum Distribution) - New York $3,500,000 0.00% 0
APT33660 New York Off Market Luxury Residential Units. Very beautiful property! Brand new building, Currently at a 4.2% cap rate. Being relatively new, this property has not reached its full potential. At the rate of 19 vacancies being filled, this property is rapidly growing and has a lot of future potential and upside. 14 of the remaining vacancies are on low income housing. The 110 apartments include a thoughtful mix of studio, one and two bedrooms that are impeccably finished and constructed. City views and natural lights enhance each home’s airy layout. This property integrates modern simplicity with cutting edge finishes. Luxury building located in the heart of Downtown of a major New York borough. Over 100 luxury residential units and one retail unit. Brand new building setting the standard for luxury living in the neighborhood. These luxury residences are constructed with condominium level finishes. Valuable retail fully leased to a highly regarded early education center. Projected gross income of $4,800,000 upon completion of lease-up.Ample amenities including outdoor lounges and roof top deck.Excellent access to mass transportation with an abundance of subway lines minutes away. 20 units are low income / affordable housing. 5 of these are rented as of now (6/8/19). The balance of the units are all at market rents. Not including the low income / affordable housing, about the current occupancy is at 70% and moving up at a strong pace (there are about 19 units of free market rents left). Inclusionary, housing is subject to HPD timing. Please be advised that there is a lot of activity on this property with offers being presented. - New York $110,000,000 4.20% 0
APT33722 New Brooklyn Multifamily with Tax Abatement. 16 residential rental units across 2 adjoining buildings with 8 units each. Vacant, newly constructed buildings in a rapidly growing section of Brooklyn. 35 years tax abatement. Gross Potential Rent $ 407,280. Very desirable configuration. 14 apartments are 2 bed/1bath and 2 apartments are 1 bed/1 bath. Separate utilities. Close to subway. Walking distance to 3 train stations. Combined building area of 12,586 SF with 3,146 SF cellar. - New York $6,000,000 6.79% 0
APT22925 Oklahoma New Construction Multifamily For Sale. 134-units. 2015 Construction. Washer / Dryer Connections. Black and Stainless Appliances. Buyer can secure new financing. Average Unit Size of 959 SF. Located in a suburb Named the No. 1 Perfect Suburb by a major news network. All two and three bedroom apartments. 24 Garages. Gym membership and valet trash pick-up included in rent. This is a new construction property that was finished in 2015 and currently in the final stages of lease-up. The property is located in a highly acclaimed school district. The Seller will consider putting the property under contract with a contingency for it to reach its stabilized occupancy. - Oklahoma $15,900,000 6.03% 0
APT33537 Price Reduced, Make An Offer! Prime Conversion To Class A Multifamily Opportunity. Although this is currently being built as a senior housing property, this property can be converted to a Class A Multifamily project. This property sits on a golf course and can easily be converted into a 300+ unit complex and the property has the ability to add an additional 30+ cottages. It wouldn’t be difficult to change the amenities to serve an apartment complex and there is adequate space to accommodate the added parking needs. Rents average 88 cents per square foot in the area but some properties are able to get rents as high as $1.75 per square foot. This is a 55 acre, 300,000+ square foot property heading towards being a senior living community. Design schemes include a fitness center, walking trails, an arts and crafts studio, coffee shop, bistro, dining venues and a library. It was designed to have approx. 115 independent living apartments, approx. 25 cottages, approx. 40 assisted living apartments, and approx. 20 memory care apartments for residents with Alzheimer’s or dementia and approx. 20 skilled nursing beds for long-term care. This was a $119,000,000 project prior to the operator defaulting. There was $76,000,000 in completed construction and infrastructure cost prior to the operator defaulting. Work was nearly 90% complete when this took place. Multiple units already have appliances and window blinds installed. The bulk of the remaining work will be paint, flooring, fixtures, and punch list items. The new owner (and general contractor) is willing to sell “AS IS” or they are willing to complete construction as part of the sale price. The general contractor successfully won the bid to control this asset and they have a deadline to close by February 7, 2019 with the court. We believe that the winning buyer will be an all cash buyer who can place a nonrefundable deposit and agree to close on or before February 7th, 2019. This buyer can then, after closing, refinance the property. This asset was 85% leased up when it hit the default brick wall. If a buyer has the cash to close, we have a draft LOI that we will prepare and immediately sent to an interested buyer upon request. - Oklahoma $29,000,000 0.00% 0
APT33547 Rare Oklahoma Multifamily Portfolio. Rare, First Time Offered For Sale. Fairly Priced to sell at $55,000 per door. The Cap Rate is approx. 5.50%. Class B+ to A conditions and locations (per the owner). The owner will not respond to any offers less than full asking price. Confidential offering of approx. 1,650 units spread over 6 complexes. All are located in one major Oklahoma city. All are owned by one owner. This is a portfolio sale only (owner will not sell individually). Terms of sale:The owner requires that any serious buyers will first need to view the portfolio (a drive-by will do). The owner will not address any offers if the buyer has not performed this initial viewing of the portfolio. If, after viewing, a buyer has further interest, the buyer shall than submit a LOI at $55,000 per unit. Upon acceptance of the LOI, the owner will provide P&L's, rent roll and schedule a tour of the properties. This property is priced Net To Owner. Buyer is responsible for a 3.00% brokerage fee - Oklahoma $90,750,000 5.50% 0
APT33651 Oklahoma Class B to Class A Multifamily Portfolio. Off-Market and Confidential. Close to 1,400 total units. Priced to sell at only $55,000 per door (Price is firm). Cap Rate is ~5.85%. 5 complexes. 200+ to 400+ units in each complex. All complexes are at or very near 100% occupancy. This is not a distressed offering. - Oklahoma $73,590,000 5.90% 0
APT33662 Oklahoma Rehabbed Multifamily. Located in a major Oklahoma city. 320 units. Built in 1980. Rehabbed in 2016. 92.5% Occupied. Note: If looking to quickly add a large amount of Oklahoma multifamily units to your portfolio, contact us. We are in direct contact with an owner of multiple multifamily communities totaling over 2,000 units and can coordinate a bulk purchase. - Oklahoma $17,366,150 6.50% 0
APT33664 Upside Oklahoma Multifamily Opportunity. 325 units. B condition in a "A" location. Offered at a solid 6.90% cap rate. Over 95% occupied. The buyer of this multifamily property will have priority access to 4 more multifamily properties owned by this owner. - Oklahoma $14,550,000 6.90% 0
APT33533 Philadelphia Value-Add Multifamily. There is a short fuse that we have to get this asset sold. The owner is very close to listing this property with a large brokerage firm. The terms of sale are going to be a quick due diligence. The owner has all the updated reports that the buyer will need to close. The primary value-add lies in that an additional 100 units can be built on the existing parking lot. This will bring the total number of units to 144. Luxury loft apartment building located in a central business district. Currently at 95% Occupancy. In 2003 the building was renovated from a warehouse into luxury loft apartments. At the building’s opening in the Fall 2003 it was recognized as the top luxury loft apartment building in the district and leased in less than 6 months. The property’s inherent outstanding features set it apart from the other projects in the area. These features include: 360 degree views. Expansive windows. Spacious units. High ceiling heights. 8 inch concrete floors. Adjacent resident parking lot. Acres of surrounding green areas. Immediate access to expressways in all directions. Peaceful setting in the midst of the bustle of the city. These qualities helped to make it the most sought after apartment building. The building has continued to show consistently high occupancies of 95% or higher in the past 14 years. The building went through an upgrade process that was completed by the first quarter 2018. - Pennsylvania $16,000,000 4.01% 0
APT33254 The owner is allowing us a short fuse opportunity to provide a principal buyer who will have the ability to move into first position. The owner has been speaking with other brokers who have buyers with immediate interest, however, the owner has enjoyed our relationship and wants to reward us first, if possible.
We have received a current appraisal for this property - came in at $3.5M. The owner is 50 percent complete with renovations / rehab and wants to get out. If a solid buyer is able to pay 2.9M, he will go to contract immediately.
The price is firm at $2.9M. Terms: All cash, close in 30 days, 10 day DD. Included in the purchase price is a $100K credit to the buyer which is $100k currently being held in escrow for improvements (required by the existing hard money lender). To be clear, the owner has received other multiple offers, however, they are giving us hours to bring in a principal buyer who has a shot at being placed in a first position above all other buyers.
This is not intended to be any kind of guaranty - any buyer will have the opportunity to confirm these representations directly with the owner. Memphis Value-Add Multifamily For Sale. Hot Location - 5 miles from University of Memphis! 78 Units. Huge potential. Cash flow $600K annually. Prior to rehab, an appraisal came in at $3,350,000.Per the owner, after 300K in rehab, this property will easily be pushing $4 million in value. The owner is discounting the property for a quick sale, leaving a substantial amount of equity on the table for the right buyer who can recognize this opportunity and show ability to close quickly. Prime Opportunity For The Astute Multifamily Buyer. The owner is currently rehabbing the property, however, exhausted mostly due to a prior partner who provided assurances and then went in another direction. The owner recently closed on a refinance with a hard money lender who put the screws to the owner...The asking price is $2,600,000 (FIRM!). There is a total of $1,825,000 in an underlying first and 2nd. The difference needs to be made up in cash. The buyer will receive $200K that was withheld by the hard money lender in escrow for the 1 year, interest only loan payment. The buyer will also receive $360K withheld by the hard money lender in escrow for rehab draws. The owner has 2 pending offers pending. This is a beautiful property, a two-story condo style. Per the owner, this property will be selling very soon. Scheduled income is $500,000 after the repairs are finished. The repairs are basically cosmetic - there are no major renovations needed
- Tennessee $2,900,000 0.00% 0
APT29953 Advance Auto Parts. NN. Corporate Guarantee. Long term lease with (3) 5-year options, the landlord achieved a rental increase of nearly 25% over the previous rental rate and significantly upgraded the quality of tenancy. Situated as an outparcel to a neighborhood major strip center, the property consists of a large 0.9-acre parcel with several points of access and tremendous visibility. The size of the parcel relative to the existing improvements allow for a myriad of future uses which require substantial parking, including sit down restaurants. The property is located within an infill, upper middle-income demographic with 3-mile population of 92,106 and average household incomes of $71,343. Advance Auto Parts (NYSE: AAP) is an Investment Grade Tenant (S&P BBB-). The company has more locations than any of its competitors and maintains over $9 billion in Revenue with $500 million in Net Income. 7.3 Texas $2,051,000 5.85% 269
APT33556 Cash Flowing Four-Plexes For Sale. Located in an Income Tax Free State! Bulk package of 30 brand new fourplexes for sale. Buy anywhere between 1-30 fourplexes. Spec inventory ready to close. 30 @ $350,000 each = $10,500,000 Total Portfolio Price. Also seeking fund for upcoming 4-plex communities to buy out entire production or JV partner to co-own long-term build – rent - sell. There are few bright spots in the multi-family space lately as rising costs and selling prices have crammed cap rates down. Rising interest rates have hammered cash-on-cash returns. The spread between the cap rate and the interest rate has narrowed and vanished completely in many markets. Those without huge down payments cannot seem to find anything that will produce a cash flow. That is a problem for investors and developers alike. What is the solution? A few years ago, a group of builders, developers, property managers, and investors joined forces to see if they could CREATE what they could no longer find. They wanted to be able to supply the market with a high yield multifamily form-factor that could be built in quantity and sold to the full-spectrum of investors from Busy Professionals to institutional investors deploying billions in capital. The project needed to be scalable and that meant that the renal demand needed to be strong. The fourplex is one of the most basic building blocks in the multi-family space. It offers attractive financing terms and generates steady rental income. Our communities are comprised of lots of fourplexes. You can buy as many as you can afford. • If you are a private cash flow investor looking for one fourplex we can help you.• If you are looking for a 1031 exchange property of between $1M to $10M we can help you.• If you are an institutional investor or crowd funding group looking to deploy large amount of capital we can help you. While the standing current inventory is around $10M, we have several future projects that are available in whole or in part that have 200-300 units each. Ideally we are looking for a large investor to buy all our production down the road. The Fourplex Overview: 3,899 Square Feet Interior. 10,000+ - Square Foot Lot. $3,400/Monthly Rent. ✓ Priced at $350,000 per Fourplex. ✓ $40,800 per year in Rental Income (Proforma). ✓ $25,830 in Net Income (Proforma). ✓ 8.6% Cash-on-Cash Return (Proforma). ✓ 7.5% Cap Rate with Property Management Factored In (Proforma). ✓ Brand New Construction (2019). ✓ Spec Inventory sold 100% leased or pre-leased. ✓ Close when 100% leased at $3,400 per month in total rents. ✓ 30 Year fixed rate Conventional Residential Financing Available with 25% down (subject to approval and restrictions). ✓ Located in an area of substantial growth and economic output. ✓ Gated community across the street from award winning elementary school. ✓ High quality construction, finishes, and appliances. ✓ Rent ready – window coverings and appliances all included. ✓ Brick and stone exterior. ✓ Buy one or take down a Bulk Package that suits your requirement. We have actual closing and actual rentals in the community and have been getting the rental figures stated above. 3,899 Square Feet Interior. 10,000+ - Square Foot Lot. $3,400/Monthly Rent. $40,800 Annual Rent. $350,000 Purchase Price. Location: Texas is the #2 largest in terms of surface area and the in terms of total population. Its economy is larger than Australia and South Korea. It’s a great place to own rental property as it is landlord friendly and a growing population ensures a need for housing well into the future - Texas $10,500,000 7.50% 0
APT33640 Large Texas Class B Multifamily Available. Located in a MAJOR Texas MSA City. 600+ doors. This not only includes the multifamily, but also has self-storage and retail included. Priced to sell at a firm $116,000 per door. Market value for Class B in the are is right around $185,000 per door! Fantastic Value-Add Opportunity. Occupancy and Cap Rate are pending (inquire). - Texas $69,600,000 0.00% 0
APT33668 San Antonio Value-Add Multifamily. Approx. 325 units. Approx. 1/3 of the units have been renovated which have proved up significant rent increases. With these renovated units, the owners are in the process of burning through the newly renovated supply, increasing occupancy and NOI. The owner will consider selling prior to the completion of the full renovation. This is an off-market, confidential offering. The owners will need to initially get comfortable with any interested buyer and understand the buyer's timing. This will then lead to talks with the buyer of a strike price to close the deal at. - Texas $0 0.00% 0
APT18489 Rare Opportunity! Approx. 19 acres recently zoned R24 located in the hot market of Seattle, WA. $7,500,000 was paid for 6.4 acres 6 blocks down the street from this property in 2007 upon which ~500 apartment units were built and leased at $11 per sq ft. Water, electricity, and sewer on property. Geotech available upon request. Site has City, golf course, mountain, territorial, and river views. Flexible seller willing to offer owner financed terms for the right buyer. R24 zoning allows 24 single family dwelling units per acre. Although the 476 units are apartments and that is most likely the highest and best use in the area, many believe that a high density single family development would be extremely profitable. A combination of SFR and apartments may also work as well. A parcel this large in Seattle allows for more options than most in the area are accustomed to. - Washington $8,500,000 0.00% 0
APT33397 Class A Wisconsin multifamily / apartments. Located in a major city. This asset is the least expensive out of multiple Class A assets that could be made available for the right, qualified buyer. This is a confidential, off-market opportunity. Buyer is responsible for 3.00% buy-side brokerage fee. - Wisconsin $20,000,000 5.40% 0
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